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Sound Bites
What's being said and written about Solana Beach?
- Here are some choice excerpts.

... From the North County Times (Mark Walker), 6/22/09, regarding a possible 50th Congressional District run by Solana Beach councilman Dave Roberts:

"Roberts, 48, spent time in Washington in the 1990s as a Senate staffer and working for the House Appropriations Committee.

A one-time Bilbray backer, Roberts said that several people have encouraged him to run.

"I'm a conservative Democrat and former mayor and current council member," he said, adding that Democrats and nonaffiliated voters are looking for a viable candidate who can bring change.

Count some Republicans among those unhappy with Bilbray, he said.

"A lot of Republicans don't like Brian," he said. "They consider him a carpetbagger who came up from South County in 2006, and they're disappointed in a lot of his votes."

Bilbray said he still counts Roberts as a friend, even if the two no longer agree on policy."

... From Union-Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins, 6/28/09

Council lets new law speak for itself

"A bouquet -- the Oh, What a Relief It Is! award -- to Solana Beach's City Council for exercising uncommon restraint June 10 when it unanimously and wordlessly adopted a new ordinance prohibiting public urination and defecation.

Believe it or not, Solana Beach has no ordinance on the books to punish people for answering nature's call in streets or alleyways.

To address this odorous oversight, sheriff's deputies asked the city to craft a legal tool stronger than a verbal warning to punish al fresco urinators, a class of criminal that seems to hang out in the vicinity of nightclubs.

While common sense suggests that other charges might be brought out of the toolbox -- littering, public exposure, disorderly conduct and public nuisance come to mind -- it was clear that the council members had no interest in airing out the subject matter.

Ordinarily, politicians love to wax philosophical on just about any subject. Their sense of self-importance demands comment, no matter how nonsensical.

In this novel instance, however, the first reading of the ordinance was adopted without a single word."

From the 11/13/07 Special Meeting on Cedros Crossing:

"What kind of shortfall are we looking at here? What is it that you would like us to contribute?"
- SB Councilman Tom Campbell, addressing NCTD Executive Director Karen King

"When we can understand what the project is -- because as your ad hoc committee members both have said tonight, you've made a lot of progress in changing the project -- we will then be able to assess our ability to move forward with the project, and what financing mechanisms will be necessary in order to fund the project."
- NCTD Executive Director Karen King

"This Council wants a project on this property, but you've got to give us this information."
- SB Councilman Dave Roberts, addressing NCTD Executive Director Karen King

"I don't appreciate the tone of this Council, which is clearly trying to shift blame and not be accountable."
- Shea Properties developer Greg Shannon

"We want a project at this site -- something that will enhance our community, that will improve transit, and that will make Greg some money."
- SB Mayor Lesa Heebner

"The folks from NCTD, you say you're our partners, that you want to work with us. That's just laughable. If you're truly our partners, you should share with us your financial information. ... I don't believe that it ever penciled [out]."
- SB Councilman Tom Campbell

...On Fletcher Cove Park Pride:

"The park has become a destination."
- SB Councilman Mike Nichols on Fletcher Cove Park

"The park came out better than we ever imagined."
- SB Mayor Lesa Heebner on Fletcher Cove Park

"Well done, Solana Beach."
- San Diego Union-Tribune editorial on Fletcher Cove Park, 6/14/07


... From the Crossing Crossing EIR hearings in Spring, 2007:

"We just appreciate that somebody read the document."
- Brian Mooney, Mooney, Jones & Stokes, on the 870-page EIR

"It's not more, it's not less; it's not equal. It's inconsistent."
- Wilson & Company traffic engineer Nick Abboud on the summer fair traffic

"We don't analyze off-peak."
- Wilson & Company traffic engineer Nick Abboud

"For us to deviate and use something else ... I just can't justify it because that's not how we do the standards."
- Wilson & Company traffic engineer Nick Abboud

"Whether it's a standard or not, that's an impact of the project."
- Solana Beach City Councilman Tom Campbell

"The EIR attempts to dismiss seasonal variations in traffic."
- Independent traffic engineer Tom Brohard

"Guidelines are not requirements."
- Independent traffic engineer Tom Brohard

"Yes, but that's not the appropriate methodology."
- LL&G traffic analyst John Keating

"We have a moral obligation to keep our theater in Solana Beach."
- Ira Epstein, North Coast Repertory Theater

"We could figure out how many 'fines' will drift down to the Panama Canal, but that's not what CEQA's about."
- Greg Shannon of Shea Properties, on possible impacts to the San Dieguito Lagoon

"This is a $70 million dollar project to allegedly produce 100 more parking spaces."
- Solana Beach resident Torgen Johnsen
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